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Materials such as wood and vinyl require little preparation.


Brick and other solid materials, however, require anchors inside the walls to protect the walls from further damage. It is also important to correctly place the mounting bracket so that it will stay mounted to the wall.


Mounting a sign to an outdoor wall is simple in theory, but it becomes difficult when the material of the wall is considered. Every wall has a different surface so hanging or mounting a sign to a surface becomes different for every job.


We can supply a mounting template for each bracket and sign, or we can install your sign for you.


Wrought iron sign brackets are available in three styles, each in two sizes. Brackets are handmade wrought iron construction, powder coated flat black for maximum rust resistance.

HDU signs last for years, however, dirt and grime from the rain and snow will make your sign dirty.


Your sign will remain looking new, by simply washing with a mild soap and water mixture and using a soft brush and rinse with a garden hose.


Never power wash your sign as this could damage the finish.

To keep your sign in top condition this procedure is recommended once a year.


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